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~~ Surfer Magazine – “How to Prep for an XXL El Nino Year” ~~

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How to Prep for El Nino

How to Prep for El Nino 2

How to Prep for El Nino 3

How to Prep for El Nino 4

How to Prep for El Nino 5

How to Prep for El Nino 6


~~ REDirect – Spain Big Wave Expedition ~~

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REDirectSurf Screenshot


~~ Surfline Mavericks December 2015 Gallery ~~

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2015.12.7 Mavericks Gallery


~~ Surfline Puerto May 2015 Gallery ~~

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Surfline Gallery Puerto May 3 2015



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SurferMag.com Gallery Puerto May 3 2015



~~ 2014/2015 Los Angeles “Surfer of the Year” ~~

Nic Vaughan - LA Surfer of the Year Awards



~~ XXL Global Big Wave Awards “Paddle Nominee” ~~

I am so honored to be in the running for this year’s XXL Global Big Wave Awards as a “Paddle Nominee”, one of the five largest waves paddled into globally for the 2014/2015 season.


Nic Vaughan - Mavericks Paddle Award Nominee




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~~ Redbull Mavericks Compilation ~~







~~XXL Big Wave Awards~~

Mavericks XXL Awards Shot - 12.20.2014 - Photo Frank Quirarte

Mavericks XXL Awards Shot - 12.20.2014 - Photo Richard Hallman




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Surfline Mavericks Gallery - December 20, 2014




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SurferMag.com Mavericks Gallery 1 - December 20, 2014 SurferMag.com Mavericks Gallery 2 - December 20, 2014 SurferMag.com Mavericks Gallery 3 - Decmber 20, 2014



~~ SurferMag.com Gallery ~~

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SurferMag.com Gallery Puerto July 2014

This might have been one of the most exhilarating waves of my life.  It was mid afternoon with a bit of texture on the water, low tide and scary. I hadn’t caught a wave in a few hours and finally saw this monster on the horizon. As I’m paddling down the face and go to stand up, I see the bottom drop out and I’m thinking “Oh $#!+, do I hit the eject button or try to pull the airdrop of my life on a 9’4″?” I grabbed my rail, felt myself go weightless, and before I knew it, I’m at the bottom of the wave still standing.. As I bottom turn up into the wall, the spit blasts me in the back like a firehose and I’m completely blind. I did my best to hold my line and as the spit cleared, I found myself going mach 10 towards the shoulder, only to hit a chop in the flats and sprawl out into a graceful belly flop.




~~ 2014/2015 Big Wave World Tour Wildcard Spot! ~~

Words can’t describe how excited I am to be invited to the 2014/2015 Big Wave World Tour “Todos Santos” event as a wildcard!  Todos Santos is where my love for big waves was born, and it is going to be an honor to surf alongside the best in the world out there.  Take a look at this link from the Association of Surfing Professionals which discusses the 2014/2015 Big Wave World Tour schedule and list of competitors.


Here is a photo of myself at Todos Santos on a magical day in November of 2010.

photo (4)



~~ Interviews ~~

The Inertia: “Nic Vaughan’s Big Breakout”

Surfdome: “Nic Vaughan, From Banker to Big Wave Surfer”



~~ BillabongXXL.com ~~

Billabong XXL

Billabong XXL 2



~~ SurfingMagazine.com Piece ~~


Surfing Mag Going Gray Jaws March 2014 2

“It happens to the best of us. To the worst of us too. Matter of fact, it happens to everybody. We’re born to this earth looking like bug-eyed little aliens. Some of us come already wearing a coat of very fine hair on our heads. For others, hair fills in during the first few months. But the hair always comes. And when it does we get years with lush, thick heads of flawlessly pigmented hair. We can grease it with product. We can light it on fire. Or we can brush it until we look perfect. Then, follicle by follicle, our beloved hair goes gray. This sucks.

Gray is the color of confusion. It’s the crest of defeat. It’s the tint of a twice-divorced financial consultant whose best friend is Captain Morgan and favorite TV show is Orange Is the New Black because he thinks it’s sexy. Fucking Gray.

If there’s melancholy in going gray, then there’s nirvana in owning it. Here’s Nic Vaughn at Jaws. It’s grayer than the arctic dawn. Grayer than the area between really liking Hello Kitty and actually being insane. Grayer than Jordan Belfort’s soul. But here’s Nic Vaughn at Jaws. Owning it.”

~~ SurfingMagazine.com Gallery ~~


Surfing Mag Jaws March 2014

~~ SurferMag.com Gallery ~~


Surfer Mag Jaws March 2014

~~ SurfingMagazine.com Gallery ~~


Surfing Mag Jaws Tube 2014

~~ SurferMag.com Gallery ~~


Surfer Mag Todos Drop 2014



~~ ESPN.com Gallery ~~


ESPN X Games Puerto Bottom Turn 2013




~~ TransworldSurf.com Gallery ~~


Transworld Todos Drop 1

Surfer Mag Todos Drop 2010


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